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Found this on meowiecandygfxsite.wordpress.com

Find the word eel:


Found it.


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Between the two arrows (because iPad wouldn’t let me put it in parenthesis like this is)


Truth be told, I don’t really like doing gfx anymore. I suck at it, I have no motivation, and it’s too dang hard to be worth it, especially if no one’s even gonna use it. I’ll still post, but don’t expect much from me.


All of a sudden I really like FnaF o.o I’ve liked it for a long time but yesterday I actually got to play it and I was pretty good o3o Got past nights 2-4 on first one and it was my first time every actually playing instead of watching on YouTube. Markiplier’s strategy works… it’s what I used. So yeah… that’s my status update. And ArtStudio not working still so I wasted $5 and now I don’t really wanna do gfx anymore yayyyy. I’ll probably still do it once in a while though so check the site .^. Ok bye bye now.

P.S. I really like the pictures of the human Mangle… Even if she’s looking creepy she’s still got at least a little kawaii in her .3.


So I just noticed that this site is over halfway to 2k .o. Idk why, the uploadable gfx is crappy and the decent gfx isn’t uploadable (I think I found a way to fix it! And yes, it will actually work this time thank you very much) so… Idk yeah and congrats to my friends Shay and Raina for getting 1k views on their site shadowcookiegfx.wordpress.com so go check that out they have good gfx. Yeah ok then see ya

Hi again

I think you set trans on this one. And to be honest, I don’t know where the original is from. It’s a random file I found. So if you know, please tell me!