Full head recolor!

Well, it’s a recolor of a recolor. I found it on shadowcookiegfx.wordpress.com and I think the original is from gunnergraalgfx.weebly.com. I don’t think you have to set trans. Enjoy!



So I took a head with bear ears, and kinda sorta made a bee pattern. So then I made a cat body the same. Set trans for both if uploading, original head from nutellagraal.wordpress.com and original body from linnyclaragfx.wordpress.com.


Happy Easter!

For Easter I tried to make this bunny themed cat body thing.

Ah well I fail at bodies like this

If you’re actually gonna upload this set trans. Original from linnyclaragfx.wordpress.com



I said I would probably recolor this one again.

And I did.

Set trans if uploading. Original from ceresgraalgfx.wordpress.com


And in this one I made the yellow part the same color as the rest of the head


I’m probably gonna get bored and do more lol